Live a Better Life with Journey 2 Joy!

In a recent survey, of all the things people indicated they wanted more of, the following were the 10 most frequently mentioned: Happiness, Money, Freedom, Peace, Fulfillment, Joy, Balance, Stability, Confidence, and Passion. The sad conclusion that was drawn from this research was most people are living lives that are unfulfilled, out of balance, and without purpose. The truth is - the majority of people are living lives without true happiness and joy. They are often worried and anxious about things happening around them. What about you?
We invite you to join us for the Journey 2 Joy Bible Conference with evangelist Dr. Emil Peeler! It takes place in person and online from July 20. It's free! Each day, you can learn something different at the in-person service or from the comfort of your device. It promises to be a different experience that will excite and engage you.
During Journey 2 Joy, we will journey together through the Bible—learning and understanding—to help us all find more joy and hope. You may wonder, "How is the Bible still relevant during high inflation, war, natural disasters, and a rise in hate around the globe? Where is this joy?" Whether you're learning about the Bible for the first time or just want to understand it better, Journey 2 Joy will show you how the Bible is still relevant.


The Power of God’s Word
How to Overcome Loneliness?
How Do I Discover My Purpose in Life?
Moving From Bitterness to Wholeness
How to Find Peace in The Midst of Problems?
The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle
How to Manage Your Finances by Giving?
What Happens When We Die?
Tips for Building Healthy Relationships
How Will the World End?

With the Bible as your guide, Journey 2 Joy will leave you feeling better about addressing the issues you face and invigorated about your own journey to joy! 
Are you ready to be challenged, inspired, and moved to a deeper level of relationship with God and His Word?
Are you ready to live a life filled with more joy! 
If so, register now for the Journey 2 Joy Bible Conference, an In-Person and Virtual Experience.