WATER Baptism

WHat is Water A
Water Baptism?

After repenting of one’s sins and receiving Christ’s gift of salvation, Capitol City encourages obedience to the Lord’s command of Water Baptism by immersion (Mt. 28:18-19). This act symbolically declares that a believer’s old sinful life died with Christ and that a new spiritual life with Christ has been raised.

Baptism is simply an outward expression of a Christian’s faith. Jesus’ example of baptism demonstrated his dedication to His Father in Heaven. Christians show their dedication to God through the biblical practice of baptism.

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Being baptized in water is a major step that all believers in Jesus Christ take in their lives. Baptism by immersion in water is a physical symbol of your new life as a follower of Jesus. We identify with Jesus death and burial for our sins, and then His resurrection to eternal life. The bible tells us that all heaven celebrates when one person makes their decision to follow Jesus. Today, we celebrate you!